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With the creation of the “Fabulous Baltics” tours we invite you to discover the very best of the Baltics, starting in Finland and travelling through Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.  If you wish to extend the experience even further, you may choose to continue your travels to Poland and Berlin.

Riga, the fascinating capital of Latvia, is beautifully located on the coasts of Daugava River.  The prosperous city of Riga is also known as “Paris of the North” and is the biggest city of the Baltic States.  During the guided tour of Riga, we will ensure that you are introduced to some of the most famous attractions before you will get to enjoy the city at your own leisure.  Together we will visit the Old Town, filled with charming colorful houses and narrow cobblestone streets, make a stop at the delightful Town Hall Square, pass by the 13th century Riga Cathedral (the largest church in Latvia)and the Riga Castle, visit the famous Art Nouveau district from the early 20th century and much more.

Summer Tours 2018

Fabulous Baltics – 7 days
Fabulous Baltics, Poland & Berlin – 6/15 days